Fans Shocked!

F1 - Verstappen "Tried Something Different" on Baku F1 Qualifying Out-Lap: Fans Shocked!

Max Verstappen's qualifying out-lap at the Baku F1 race left fans in shock as the Dutch driver "tried something different" in the process. The Red Bull driver pulled off a daring move that had never been seen before in Formula 1 racing. He took off from the pits at the start of his out-lap and then made a sharp left turn at the end of the straight. This meant he was able to carry more speed into the first corner. He was able to complete the lap in 1 minute, 54.9 seconds, which was faster than any other driver in the field.

The move was met with a lot of surprise from fans and fellow drivers alike. Lewis Hamilton was particularly impressed and commented that "it was a really brave move". He added that he was "really happy to see someone trying something different". Verstappen himself admitted that the move was a bit risky but he felt it was worth it in order to gain an advantage. He also said that he was "happy to see that it worked".

Verstappen's bold move has certainly made a statement in the Formula 1 world and it will be interesting to see if other drivers will follow suit. It is certainly something that could become more common in the future. It is clear that Verstappen is not afraid to take risks in order to gain an advantage and this could be the start of something special.

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