Outrage Ensues!

Steven Crowder Wife - Steven Crowder Punishes Pregnant Wife for Not Doing 'Wifely Things': Outrage Ensues!

Recently, Steven Crowder, a popular conservative YouTube commentator, has caused a stir on the internet after a video he posted of him punishing his pregnant wife for not doing “wifely things”. In the video, Crowder is seen scolding his wife for not doing her chores, and then proceeds to “punish” her by making her do them. The video sparked outrage among viewers, with many accusing Crowder of being sexist and demeaning towards his wife.

The video has been met with a lot of criticism, with many viewers finding it to be demeaning and offensive. Some have accused Crowder of using his position of power to oppress his wife, while others have argued that it was a joke and that Crowder was just trying to be funny. Regardless of the intent, many have argued that it was inappropriate for Crowder to be punishing his wife in such a public way.

Crowder has since responded to the criticism, claiming that the video was meant to be a joke and that he was not trying to be sexist or oppressive. He has also apologized for any offense that may have been taken from the video. However, many viewers remain unconvinced, and the video has been met with a lot of anger and criticism.

It is clear that the video has caused a lot of outrage, and it is important to remember that it is never okay to use your position of power to oppress or demean someone, especially a pregnant woman. It is also important to remember that everyone has the right to make their own decisions and that it is not okay to punish someone for not doing something that you think they should be doing.

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